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Tours Castle Finish Flooring


The flooring "Tours Castle Finish", a natural hard limestone of a warm, light golden color than the "Tour Antique Finish" and originates from a quarry located in Burgundy. The Tours Castle Finish has a brushed and bush hammered surface which make the colors more intense in combination with slightly curved slabs and broken ridges. The Tours Castle Finish shows the colors more intense than the Tours Antique Finish.

This French Flooring can be used both outdoors and indoors. This natural stone from Burgundy is frost resistant. Choosing for a terrace or a living room a flooring in natural stone, a noble, durable, environmentally friendly, warm and easy to maintain material, will bring the undoubtedly French character to your home. The warm color of Burgundy stone harmonizes with all types of decorations. The veins and grain of the Burgundy stones provide an authentic and lively appearance. Please contact us for a personalized quote, or if you are planning in using this stone in extremely harsh weather conditions.

Approx.: 24”L x 15.75”W x .75”D

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Material: Limestone
Country of Origin: France