Caisse de Versailles Planters

The overwhelming Gardens of Versailles are one of our favorite places to visit. When you enter through the majestic gates of Versailles, towards the left is a balustrade, if you look below
you will see from the above a thousand Caisse de Versailles in various sizes, placed meticulously throughout this grandiose space.

The Authentic Provence Versailles planter is an exact re-edition of the French planter box from the 17th century as seen throughout the Gardens at the Chateau de Versailles. André Le Nôtre, the famous horticulturist of Louis XIV, was commissioned to invent a garden planter to grow the exotic fruits and palms. Nobility enjoyed serving exotic fruits at their dinner table, as these considered very special and extremely difficult to import in the 17th Century.

Solely, the Caisse de Versailles has the function to remove the wood panel to easily extract the citrus trees. The plants were then and still are stored in the Orangeries of Versailles during the harsh winter season. These French Jardinières are made of the finest combination of teak wood combined with an aluminum structure, and therefore guarantee the utmost of durability.

Authentic Provence offers a range palette of custom colors, as well as oversized European garden planters.

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