Lavender Wands, Handmade “en Provence”

Authentic Provence is always searching for new ideas in regards to room fragrances. We found these precious lavender wands and spheres which are perfect for any occasion.
I have seen them used as table decoration offering a wand to each guest and this was a magnificent table setting!

The yearly crop of the lavender is harvested between the July 10th and August 20th . The local artisans use their hands and tools transform the lavender stems into these colorful gems of wands and spheres. To complete each of these precious gems an hour is needed. Beautifully traditional designs are used like centuries ago, and you will find them in a rustic Provencal style where the lavender is intertwined into a basket woven pattern or embellished with two different sizes of colorful ribbons and finished with a bow. The ribbons in silk and velvet arrive from the capital of silk in France, Lyon.

The Legend and Tradition
Long ago offered to young fiancées, the « Coeurs de Lavande » were intended to protect and to perfume the linens, stored in armoires or drawers, as well as to decorate the home.  Traditionally they are placed into baskets in palettes of colors to offer as a gift of welcome.

The Art of Receiving
A ribbon to seduce: in the time when seduction was expressed differently, ribbons were used to attach, to decorate hats, belts etc. Ribbons have always evoked hope, and a gift tied with a beautiful ribbon remains today a symbol of a nice surprise!

Good things should last
The most beautiful gift is to be welcomed. The best lavender associated with the most beautiful ribbon (ribbon, antique ribbon, silk of Lyon) distinguishes this personal gift. When you find such an object, know that it is made by hand and that it requires an exceptional know-how. Its colors can express your taste and its fragrance comes from a unique region in the world : La Provence!

Allow yourself to be surprised by this natural object which awakens the senses: visual, tactile and olfactory!