French Glazed Planters

Our Anduze planters are hand made in Southern France. The colorful French "Vase d’Anduze" originated in Provence and first appeared in the 16th Century, during the reign of Henry IV. The craftsmanship of these French garden planters spread quickly throughout the region of Provence. The design of this French glazed pottery has endured through contemporary artisans, who still make these vessels by hand the same way their ancestors did. Within our collection we feature the antique Vase d’ Anduze in its’ once flamed traditional glazed finish. The anduze planters are colored in a glossy Provencal finish as well as in an antiqued terra cotta finish. The sizes are ranging from 12” to 41” in height. These French planters are not frost proof nor frost resistant and should be covered or moved indoors before frost occurs.