Anduze Planters & Their Timeless Beauty

Anduze planters, affectionately known as “Vases d’Anduze,” have their roots deep in the historical pottery center of Anduze, located in the scenic Cévennes region of southern France. Emerging in the 16th century, these distinctive garden urns blend the French and Italian influences, showcasing designs inspired by the ornate styles of Italy’s Medici family while incorporating a local French flair. These planters stand out with their bulbous bodies and ornamental garlands, typically rendered in vibrant colors like greens, yellows, and blues, often given an antique finish to add to their allure.

Crafted from local terracotta, the breathable clay benefits plant growth, making these urns not just beautiful but functional. The traditional craftsmanship involved in creating each Anduze planter ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike. Artisans shape each urn on a potter’s wheel, decorate them by hand, and then fire them to achieve durability and distinctiveness.

Initially meant to grace the gardens of the wealthy, adorned with citrus trees and exotic plants, today, Anduze planters are prized in diverse settings from classical estates to modern urban balconies. They symbolize the enduring tradition of French artisan pottery and are sought after by enthusiasts and collectors around the world for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

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The Anduze garden planter has a fully glazed finish. This light yelllow terra cotta clay urn is hand made in Provence, France.